Meet The Team

Joe & Lucille Compagno

The Parental Units – Joe & Lucille Compagno

Where it all started . . . Mom and Dad originally operated a gas station in New York. They relocated to Florida in the early 80s and settled in Delray Beach. Dad operated a repair shop and dealership in Delray for many years. He had been in the business for over 40 years and passed much of his knowledge and experience on to his kids.  Sadly, Dad passed away in 2018, but his legacy lives on his in business.  Mom is pretty much retired now and spends most of her time spoiling the grandkids and granddoggies :).

John Compagno

John Compagno – Sales & Finance Manager

(772) 288-2099 – [email protected]

John actually started his post-graduate career from FAU with a debt consolidation company. So, needless to say, he’s pretty good with numbers. He is largely responsible for the sales center with an emphasis on assisting customers with financing. While being the numbers guy might sound kind of dull, John is also one of the many comedians of the group. So even if you are talking numbers, he’ll have a smile on your face.

Lisa A. Compagno

Lisa A. Compagno – General Manager

(772) 288-2099 – [email protected]

Lisa started working with her brothers and dad in late 2011 after 10 years working as a Federal Prosecutor. Lisa is the “idea man”, errr woman. While she helps with the day-to-day operations, her main focus is marketing and community involvement. She established Palm Tree as a member of the Stuart/Martin County Chamber of Commerce and Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce as well as a sponsor of several local charities, schools and sports organizations. Lisa also sits on the Board of Directors for the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches and is Senior Vice President for the Florida Independent Automobile Dealers Association (FIADA).

Anthony Compagno

Anthony Compagno – Sales & Service Manager

(772) 288-2099 – [email protected]

Anthony might be what you call the “brains of the operation.” He coordinates management of the sales center with his brother John as well as management of the service center for our repair shop, Paradise Tire and Service ( Part of his sense for business stems from his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from UCF (Go Knights!). After graduating college, Anthony considered starting his own business. But he saw that Dad could use some help, so he applied for the job. The rest is history.

Dan Crowley

Dan Crowley – Sales & Finance Consultant

(772) 288-2099 – [email protected]

Dan has always wanted a career in the auto industry.  He got this inspiration from his father and grandfather.  Dan remembers his father and grandfather buying beat up muscle cars, restoring them and driving them.  The restoration projects eventually led to selling the vehicles.  This hobby was passed onto Dan, who began helping in the restoration process.  Dan’s father basically converted his 5-car garage into a repair shop.  Dan would do oil changes, replace brakes, change tires and a host of other repairs alongside his father.  He also started to help with the sale of vehicles.  Dan continued helping his father with this hobby through high school and college.  Dan has an Associate’s Degree in Science and Business Administration from Middlesex County College in New Jersey (his home state).  He says that he has not done much traveling in his life, but he is glad he made the move to Florida (even though he hasn’t been to Disney World yet!).  He describes himself as being very good with money management and not spending beyond his means.  This is one of the many reasons why he excels as our Sales & Finance Consultant.

Compagno Family

The Compagno Family

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