Why Buy From Palm Tree Auto Sales?

Posted Monday, May 27, 2019

We were talking to a friend in the wealth management industry not too long ago.  He asked why we did not use the words "honest" and "genuine" on our website.  He said that we should have these words plastered all over our website because they really speak to our character and who we are as people.  We had long thought that self-promoting ourselves as "honest and genuine" might make some potential buyers skeptical as to our authenticity.  He convinced us, however, that we were selling ourselves short and that we should most certainly let people know what he had quickly come to know about us.

So, why should you buy from us? Because we are honest and genuine people who are truly looking to build relationships with our customers; not just sell them a product and send them on their way.  This is one of the reasons why we offer a powertrain service contract with every qualifying vehicle (vehicles with 200,000 miles or less and 10 years old or newer).  We want you to drive away with the peace of mind that your vehicle is safe and sound.  You can rest assured that if anything unforeseen arises with your vehicle we are here to diligently work to resolve the issue.

Now, I hear you saying "that's great, but what I really want is a deal!" Well, we are also in the business of making great deals so give us a chance to meet your expectations.  All our vehicles are priced to market, meaning we consult NADA Retail and Blackbook Retail to determine the retail value of our vehicles.  We don't just randomly pack the vehicle to make a certain profit margin.  We have competitive prices and are often times rated by third-party vendors, like Cargurus, as being priced below market value.

Additionally, our vehicles are put through a multi-point inspection, are completely serviced (i.e., oil changes if needed, etc), reconditioned, if needed, and fully detailed.  We strive to maintain a clean and welcoming environment. We are professional and respectful, and, if you give us a chance, we'd love to earn your business!